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Welcome to my blog! I hope you will always be fond of the sinful things that happen here. Here you have the chance to take a peek at the strange goings on of my dirty, dirty mind. If you have the courage for it that is…

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Photos by Chad Gates

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Serena in ‘SERENA5’

Directed by Richard Avery courtesy of Juliland.com.


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The Music of Adventure Time

I’m literally obsessed with this show, it appeals my sense of humor so well and its filled with really great songs that appeal to my sense of musicality. Its so hard to pick favorite or […]

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Photos by Richard Avery

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Refreshing Fruit Salad

It’s been too hot to cook lately so I’ve been exhausting my normal repertoire of salad recipes. The other week, as the summer sweat was beginning to chill my body inside the frigid grocery store, […]

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BIG NEWS: SeedAndSpark.com

BIG NEWS:  I’m very excited to announce our SeedAndSpark.com campaign for our documentary Greatest Hits.  What is this?  This is our Crowd Funding campaign to raise money to make this happen.  Please go to SeedAndSpark.com […]

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Top 10 Wishlist Items

I really prefer the new site Delivery Code to Amazon for my wishlist these days. Unlike Amazon it keeps all of the model’s info private, whereas, Amazon reveals city and state. This may be more […]

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