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Welcome to my blog! I hope you will always be fond of the sinful things that happen here. Here you have the chance to take a peek at the strange goings on of my dirty, dirty mind. If you have the courage for it that is…

The Eagle Has Landed

So you think you’ve seen it all before? You’re an accomplished surfer of the Web, and all of this girl-next-door stuff is all too familiar to you. To be fair, some have discounted me as […]

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BIG NEWS: SerenaBlair.com

JULILAND NEWS: Its that time of the month!  Woo hoo!  Things are getting crazy here in the Juliland Universe!!!  SO happy to announce the addition of sexy Serena Blair and her personal site SerenaBlair.com!!  She […]

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Why I Don’t Have a Bush

Is it just me or have things been getting kinda hairy around here lately? Seems like I’ve been burying my face in some serious bramble recently. Apparently it’s the latest trend in porn and a […]

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10 Porn Companies I Wanna Shoot For

So, I’ve been “in the biz” for about 4 years now and I’m still growing and expanding my body of work. I don’t have an agent and probably never will so I hope everyone sees […]

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Serena in ‘SERENA4′

Directed by Richard Avery courtesy of Juliland.com.


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Things I Love About Grrls

What can I say about grrls? They’re fucking insane and I love them for it. Even when I can’t stand to be around then, I often still can’t control my desire to strip them naked […]

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Serena Blair 008

Photography by Richard Avery courtesy of Juliland.com.

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